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Anyone who has ever visited Hanoi will probably tell you that it may be the most beautiful city in all of Asia. People have settled here along the Red River for thousand years. Nestled along wooded Boulevards among the city's two dozen lakes.





(NB: All itineraries can later wishes Arranged)



On Our Guide Will pick you up at hotel in Hanoi's departure for walking tours at Hanoi's largest covered market, Dong Xuan along the perimeter of the market, dozens of street hawkers sell a staggering variety of products from the live seafood to exotic Streets and Spices, experience of English - speaking local guides will give you insight Into the intricalies security and food traditions of English culture include detail on the historical background of ingredients and dishes northern Cool.

We eat as We Go, seasonal fruits and samplinga try tasty French - inspired snacks from a street cart.

Making through the maze of bustling Hanoi's make-up that Old Quarter Street, our taste buds we tampt Famed with the dish at a local eatery rolls Hanoi. Watch in awe as the skilled Chefs demonstrate for you how this tasty dish is put Together.

Continuing Into the atmospheric heart of the Old Quarter , past Wander added quite residential Street stalls and lanes where you cans observe local life that has changed little since Hanoi was found over 1000 years ago.


Our next two stops are at outdoor barbecue snack stalls . We sit down with the Hanoi sample Various local and meat, Vegetables and bread are grilled over hot flame for extra Flavours Specialities thatg Coals. It is the time for dessert as we Venture down a small alley to join in the local tradition of tasting on fresh fruits served in a cup and smothered with condensed milk and crushed iced-this is one not to be missed Speciality.


Your local guide take you to one of Will 's best kept secrets Hanoi, a hidden egg coffee to drink coffee. this- hard - to find coffee is one of the FEW STILL egg left in the city that serves coffee. A local delicacy that We will sample scrumptious whilts admiring the bustle of the city center below.

Or, If Not your style is coffee, a cold beer awaits! At the end of the trip, walk around the small Street is the before you come back to your hotel.



NB: We Can Arrange additional customized trips for you if the above itinerary does not match the expectations.

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